’93 Isaac Rosales Signs with Club America

’93 US born defender Isaac Rosales recently signed a one-year deal with Club America to play with the U20s squad.

'93 US born defender Isaac Rosales
’93 US born defender Isaac Rosales

Rosales played two seasons a Compton College in California before trying his luck down in Mexico. He traveled down to Ensenada where Chucho Ramirez saw him and brought him to Mexican super club — America.  “First time I went and got cut from the try out.  I went a second time and also got cut,” Rosales told OWTY. “I knew I had it in me to make it in the team. So I prepared myself for my last tryout, an all or nothing sort of thing. On my third tryout I played my heart out every practice and game. It paid off I finally made the team and signed a 1 year contract a few weeks ago.”

Rosales plays as a left central defender and is looking to make his mark down in Mexico.

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