’96 usynt Cody Sweatte to Germany

’96 usynt wing/midfielder Cody Sweatte has joined up with SV Sandhausen’s U19 squad in Germany.

'96 usynt Cody Sweatte in Germany
’96 usynt Cody Sweatte in Germany

Sweatte was scouted by the German club following his 2012-2013 season with USSDA club side McLean Youth Soccer. Sweatte was invited for a trial with the club earlier this year, and following a successful stint, the club offered the Virginia native a spot in the youth academy.

Sweatte is awaiting paperwork to officially go through. Until then he is limited to playing in scrimmages and practicing with the squad, much like fellow McLean Youth Soccer product Junior Flores is with Borussia Dortmund. Sweatte will be able to officially represent Sandhausen in January.

Sweatte (far right) with ODP in Germany
Sweatte (far right) with ODP in Germany

Sweatte was committed to VCU for the 2014 season but has hopes of making it in European football and believes Sandhausen is a great first step.




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