’97 US Goalkeeper at Pumas U.N.A.M.

OWTY has learned that dual Mexican-American citizen Angel Alvarez is starting for Pumas U.N.A.M. U16 squad.

'97 dual US-Mexican Angel Alvarez with Pumas U16
’97 dual US-Mexican Angel Alvarez with Pumas U16

Alvarez, a ’97 goalkeeper, was brought down to Pumas after being scouted in a match for his club side Las Vegas Premier Soccer Club 97 White in 2012 by Mauricio Pedroza and Sergio Bernal. The Mexican based scouts were so impressed they brought Alvarez down immediately for a try-out with the massive Mexican club. Alvarez was so impressive he never left. The club ensured he would remain with the youth academy and Alvarez has been the clubs starting goalkeeper for U16s since. Interestingly enough the US has another US eligible keeper in the Pumas system in ’99 Sebastian Mora.

Alvarez with Las Vegas Premier
Alvarez with Las Vegas Premier SC White

We asked Alvarez the difference’s between youth soccer in the US and his time in Mexico. Alvarez was quick to mention how professional the training environment at Pumas has been, “we train every morning from 8am-11am.”

Alvarez with Sub 16 trophy
Alvarez with Sub 16 trophy

Alvarez has not represented either the US nor Mexico internationally. Alvarez was never even selected to a ODP side, yet his stellar play for the Pumas U16 side has thrust him into the increasingly bitter battle for youth international players between the US and Mexico. “I would love to be called up for the United States,” Alvarez told OWTY. As a ’97 Alvarez is too old for any U17 international competition, and is likely too young for U20 camps, but he is hopeful his play down in Mexico will not go unnoticed.

We here at OWTY will continue to follow his progress.

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  1. Loved the article of course since the subject is my own little brother. We are very proud of your accomplishments Angel you know that the best you do is work hard and that is exactly what brought you where you are and will take you very far in life. We love you.

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