’00 US youth star earns spot with Boca Juniors

'00 Ryan Palmbaum joins Boca Juniors Academy

OWTY can report that US U14 star midfielder Ryan Palmbaum has been accepted into the prestigious Boca Juniors Academy. Palmbaum spent the last two seasons with Argentinian giants Estudiantes de la Plata, this last season playing with the 2000s in the #10 shirt.

'00 Ryan Palmbaum joins Boca Juniors Academy
’00 Ryan Palmbaum joins Boca Juniors Academy

Palmbaum has been a fixture with the US U14 squad when available, last getting a call-up in October with other fellow ’00s. By all accounts Palmbaum was one of the more skilled and technical players at that camp.

Dynamic Duo :: '00 usynt Ben Lederman & Ryan Palmbaum
Dynamic Duo :: ’00 usynt’s Ben Lederman & Ryan Palmbaum


2012 Palmbaum Highlights ::


'00 Ryan Palmbaum at Estudianes de la Plata
’00 Ryan Palmbaum at Estudianes de la Plata

Here is an interview with Ryan Palmbaum ::


'00 Ryan Palmbaum
’00 Ryan Palmbaum

OWTY has been told that Boca was very keen to bring Ryan into the fold and scouted him closely over the last two seasons. Sources close to Ryan’s development have told OWTY that FC Barcelona is interested in Ryan’s development and was helping to usher the deal for Palmbaum to Boca. FC Barcelona and Boca Juniors penned a deal in 2012 that has closely tied the two massive clubs’ youth development programs. Boca Juniors received loads of infrastructure and resources from Barcelona, and in return Barça would have first choice of any player Boca produces. OWTY has been told that Ryan is amongst the players that Barcelona have ear-marked.

That being said, Palmbaum has plans in Buenos Aires. “Boca is one of the most successful professional teams in South America and it’s [my] hope to stay at Boca and eventually make the first team,” Ryan’s camp told OWTY through e-mail. “At Boca they teach players how to play in a reduced space quickly, as well as tactics that go along with this reduced area play, for full field play. Boca and Barcelona use the same program for their academies.”

Ryan will start off with the Boca 2000’s in the Novena (9th) division, playing against other squads comprised of ’00s.

'00 Palmbaum at Espanyol
’00 Palmbaum at Espanyol

The young American midfielder has told OWTY that Sevilla and Espanyol are also possibilities. He has trained at both clubs, with both clubs very interested in Ryan joining their academies.

Follow Ryan’s journey here at OWTY.

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