’99 Dallas starlet joins Brazilian Side Portuguesa Santista

OWTY has learned that ’99 Dallas Texans youth product Whalen Shinn will join Portuguesa Santista Academy.

'99 usynt Whalen Shann
’99 usynt Whalen Shinn

Shinn is one of many talented Dallas soccer players being targeted by clubs from both South America and Europe.

Shinn was quickly identified by the Brazilian side in 2011 and offered a five week training session. City Futsal, a Dallas-area organization with ties to Brazilian clubs, was instrumental in making the connection between Shinn and Portuguesa Santista, commonly known as Briosa.

Shinn told the club website, “I intend to work hard to become one of the best players on the team,” despite being one of the younger players on the U15 squad.

One of the bigger hurdles facing many young Americans plying their trade abroad is the language barrier, though Shinn does not feel that will be a problem. “Although we do not speak the language very well, it has been very easy to mingle with everyone in the group.”

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  1. I would say the biggest problem for player to over come here in the US to play overseas has less to do with language and much more to do with non-dual citizenship/visa issues. This article does not state whether the Texas youth has this status. If not than South America must have different requirements than Europe.

    • Those are FIFA rules. There are some loopholes when a player’s family joins him or when a player goes more for an education, but there are limits on what can happen if you don’t have citizenship.

  2. I had to look up this club, because I had never heard of it. Per Wikipedia, this is the club where Neymar got his start

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