El Tri Strikes Back

While the USSF strings Hugo Perez along, El Tri strengthens their U17 National Team pool.

Strong rumors seem to suggest that Hugo Perez’s time with the US U15s was cut short for his propensity to call in Hispanic-Americans.

Personally I have so many problems with this notion it makes me sick, but that’s not the point.

A number of parents messaged me saying a big shift within US ’98-’99 born stars was beginning to occur, in part due to the apparent release of US Coach Hugo Perez.

US Products '98 Abraham Romero (La Galaxy) & '99 Edwin Lara (Pachuca)
US Products ’98 Abraham Romero (La Galaxy) & ’99 Edwin Lara (Pachuca)

Then today, Mexico released their most recent U17 roster, which includes former U17 GK ’98 Abraham Romero, who has been involved with El Tri for the last year, Chivas USA stand-out ’98 Ivan Gutiérrez, who’s been invited to play for the US squad, and 2013-2014 US U17 Resident ’99 Edwin Lara, who is now listed with Pachuca.

Chivas USA stand-out '98 Ivan Gutierrez
Chivas USA stand-out ’98 Ivan Gutierrez

Add these players to the growing list of young Mexican-American talent that seems to be swinging to want to represent El Tri. See Antonio Nava.

OWTY has also heard that a few other young US stars might be interested in switching allegiances.

While it is still incredibly early to write these players off as future US contributors, the trend is alarming.

I have yet to hear anyone, from parents, scouts, coaches or players to have anything negative to say about Hugo Perez. In truth, everyone who’s worked with or been coached by Perez raves about him.

Perez at Alianza
Perez at Alianza de Futbol

Perez has been one of few US Coaches or Scouts to see the growing Latino population for what it is, a major asset to our football program. Hugo’s been at nearly every Alianza de Futbol event which brings together the top Hispanic talent, which has added a number of key players to the US Youth pool since its inception.

So the question remains, why was this popular, talented, an increasingly influential coach relieved of his position?

Why would US Soccer, an organization very kind to their own, be willing to let one its brightest stars go so abruptly?

Do they understand Hugo Perez meant much more to the player pool than just scouting U15 talent?

I don’t get it.







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  1. Great, great article! Well informed! And you have the guts to touch subjects that most youth soccer publications won’t!
    Thank you!!

  2. Lets look at this…Hugo Perez & Martin Vasquez have a lot in common. (playing experience and an eye for talent)

    Brian Johnson, Richie Williams, Tony Lepore and Tab Ramos also have a lot in common. (old boys club)

    • Soccer fan, you so right. As long as the northeast mafia continue to run the youth national team programs will continue to go nowhere….

  3. Hugo is tremendous. Always was and will be and I hope and EXPECT he’ll get the coaching position he deserves and has earned in the US at US Soccer or elsewhere. I wouldn’t attribute the defection of Mexican-Americans to FMF as a corollary of Hugo’s firing. Mexico’s Youth National Team programs have great track records and are appealing on its face. I wouldn’t attribute Hugo’s firing to his attention to Mexican-Americans either. Still, I can’t tell you why he was fired but I think we’ll seem him back in the fold again soon.

    • Any player that should qualify to play for Mexico should consider that. Unless you want to be develop by the likes of Tab Ramos and Ritchie Williams… lol

  4. Wow, Lara is heading out. The real bummer about this is that us soccer has included him in everything, basically taking a spot from a kids that would have never had to question his allegiance. The same goes for the rest. All those camps and tourneys overseas to just pack up and go. While every camp some hungry kid got passed over. Hugo was very biased and leaned a little too heavy on Latino players. Almost to the point of blindness. Just look at his rosters from when he took the team. He was basically a feeder for Mexican academies and now there national team. I hope us soccer goes back and looks at his area of influence and considers giving some of the kids in there data base another look. Lots of kids on the west coast he passed over.

  5. Edwin Lara, has been invited to every camp and tourney overseas with the the U14-17. Sometimes both age groups in one year. Maybe US soccer is upset with Hugo for taking too many kids to the national team that are flipping. While Hugo may be a great coach, it was clear from the get go that he was highly favored to take Latino players. Now after spending all that time and money with Lara he is leaving. I can think of more than one kid that was right there with Lara at all the developmental trainings, just not fully grown like Lara, yet that could have been invested in the last two years that would have never had to choose there allegience. It would have been USA from the start and always. Im sure he is not the only one from these age groups that we will see go south.

    • Biz, most of these players are fully committed to be professional players. They are not waiting around for a scholarship offer for some college. Where the heck are you going to send your child in the USA to achieve that goal? The Caucasians that have European ties leave to Europe, the Latinos can’t so they leave to mexico or whatever country they can to further their development. Dough! Currently their are many young players in Europe. Will be intresting to see if they are good enough to play for for those countries would they pick the USA.

    • Don’t think he had a choice. He was being forced to go to florida, U17 Residency program, and be coached by R. Williams or not be called back to national team. So he left to the mexican team which has wanted him for a while. And no Biz, there is nobody close to Lara, for some reason Hugo made him left back and that is not even his natural position, but he was actually a beast of a M/F. He is the most talented 99 in our country.

  6. USA development and a scouting for potential national team players has been a joke for decades. Sad to see our most talented coach pushed out for BS reasons. :( back to kick and chase.

  7. Don’t know the whole story to this, but players are going to play for who they want to play for. From reports a logical guess is that a lot of these Mexican-American kids are using the USMNT program to get in with the Mexican federation. But as always dual nationality citizenship will giveth and taketh away from the USMNT program.

    Hugo, from what I could tell from his rosters, did seem to favor the Latino player. Nothing wrong with that if those Latino players are better than other ethnic group players.

    All I care about is getting the best players. Doesn’t matter what ethnic background they come from. But lets be logical here: The USMNT program will always be looked at as second fiddle with a lot of Mexican-American players.

    A few young Mexican-American players accepting invites doesn’t bother me. The program is getting loaded with a lot of talent. I want players who are dedicated to playing for the USA regardless of coaching changes in the program. If they aren’t on board then why cry about spilled milk?

  8. It amazes me how many of you are so pissed and surprised that a MexicanAmerican player would pick Mexico over USA. I am willing to bet that most if not all of you have said nothing about the fact that klins’s Senior team is full of German Born Americans that would pick Germany over USA in a heartbeat if given the chance. Actually, a couple of them waited to see if they got the German callup before committing to USA. And we waited on them!!!
    USA is 2nd to many countries it’s just easier to be outraged about Mexico for most of you!!
    As far as Hugo being Bias for Hispanic players, are you guys stating that selections werent bias for nonHispanics or vs Hispanics before Hugo or after him??
    Do we not see a bias towards USSDA players overall??
    Do you guys honestly think that only 80+ for profit clubs in the entire country are the best scouts for undisputed talent with potential in the entire USA???
    USA Soccer. Love it or Leave it!! Am I Right, gentlemen!!

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