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OWTY recently spoke with Southampton Academy starlet Nathan Wood. The ’99 attacker popped onto our radar here at OWTY following his move from Fulham to Southampton earlier this year.

Wood has American roots that come from his Father’s side. Wood’s grandmother was American with his great-grandfather serving in the United States Navy.

We caught up with the busy striker earlier this December.


'99 Nathan Wood :: Early Years
’99 Nathan Wood :: Early Years

OWTY :: When & Where did you start playing soccer?

Nathan Wood [NW] :: I started playing at the local club level with a team Worcester Park Colts at the age of 6 in 2005.

OWTY :: What is your preferred position?

NW :: I have the knowledge to play a few different positions, but easily my favorite is the right wing spot and even center attacking midfield position.

'99 Nathan Wood early on at Fulham
’99 Nathan Wood early on at Fulham


OWTY :: You are in your footballing infancy, but what areas of the game do you want to improve?

NW :: I am strong in many areas but can always improve my technique, and need to work hard on varying my crosses when I find myself out in wide positions.


OWTY :: Who are some of the players you model your game after?

NW :: Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.


OWTY :: When did you know you make a career out of football?

NW :: Playing academy football is very tough, so I haven’t really made it until you have played first team.

'99 Nathan Wood's possess an excellent right foot
’99 Nathan Wood’s possess an excellent right foot


OWTY ::  Describe the play in the English youth academy league?
NW ::  The standard of play and tempo is very high. The style of play has changed over the years with technique and dynamic play being more prevalent.
'99 Wood moved from Fulham to Southampton
’99 Wood moved from Fulham to Southampton


OWTY :: You recently made the move from Fulham FC to Southampton, what prompted the move?

NW :: I spent many great years at Fulham and thought a fresh opportunity at another great club like Southampton would be good for my development.


OWTY ::  I’ve heard from a number of different sources that you have American roots, talk about these?

NW ::  It comes from my dad’s side, my Nan is American and her dad was in the United States Navy for many years.


OWTY ::   Would you be interested in playing for the United States at the international level?

NW ::  Yes of course I would love too.


OWTY ::  There are a number of other young Americans in England, talk about the way American players are viewed in English soccer?

NW ::  I know and played with a number of American players at Fulham and they are all highly respected.


OWTY :: Where do you see yourself in 1 year? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


NW ::  I just want to keep developing as a player, playing U18s next year and hopefully pushing up to the U21s. If I’m really fortunate playing for the first team and maybe a world cup in four years time.


As of December 29, 2014 US Soccer has not contacted Nathan or the Wood family regarding bringing in this talent for a US camp, although Wood is extremely interested in these prospects.


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  1. And how can he get a US passport? Just because the Grandma has American citizenship does not mean a grandkid has US citizenship.

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